Emergencies are situations that are unexpected, sudden, and often dangerous. This site is designed to provide critical and life-saving information that can assist with your readiness for certain emergencies . Please explore this website and remember to be prepared and stay informed!

Three Steps to Prepare for an Emergency

Step 1 Get a Kit... At a minimum, have the basic supplies

If an emergency happens at work, you may need to be ready to help yourself and others. Keep supplies in an easy-to-carry emergency preparedness kit that you can take with you in case you must evacuate.   [Learn More About Get A Kit]

Step 2 Know Your Plan... It makes a difference

Know your department’s emergency plan, evacuation routes, and assembly area. Make a plan for your home, including how everyone will reach each other in different situations, and be sure everyone is familiar with it.   [Learn More About Know Your Plan]

Step 3 Be Informed... Learn what to expect

It's important to stay calm in an emergency. Get as much information about the situation as possible. At work, check with your Departmental Emergency Coordinator. At home, have alternate information sources such as TV, the radio, or Internet for news but understanding that some emergencies might knock out the electricity.   [Learn More About Be Informed]

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