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UCLA Student Affairs Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Kits


Injury & Illness Prevention Plan

The goal of the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) is to create, maintain, and reinforce a safe environment for the entire UCLA community. The IIPP details roles and responsibilities of supervisors and employees, procedures for correcting workplace hazards, and protocol for reporting & investigating accidents and injuries.

Download the IIPP and Student Affairs Contacts


Emergency Action Plans

Every Student Affairs unit has an emergency response plan that details what members of that department will do in a disaster. It includes emergency contacts, communications and evacuation plans, supplies and equipment locator, information on cost recovery and resources, and more.

Directors and Emergency Coordinators should have a copy of the department's Emergency Action Plans (EAP).

Download Emergency Forms


Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan is an on-line continuity planning tool that will help your department prepare for disaster events, ranging from the catastrophic to the localized. the goal of continuity planning is to enable us to recover from disaster and continue our mission, despite these events.

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