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UCLA Student Affairs Emergency Preparedness
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Featured Videos

These videos are given prominence and attention of their relevance. Check them out!

The California ShakeOut

The Great California Shakeout Video

UCSC Earthquake

Teacher in front of classroom during class Video

During an Earthquake

Do you know what to do during an earthquake? Video

Let's Make a Kit

Woman with first aid kit Video

Responding to Disaster

On a personal level the response to a disaster can take the shape either of a shelter in place or an evacuation.

SOU Emergency Preparedness

Food & Water in an Emergency

Sheltering in Place

Preventing or Reducing Your Risks

Personal mitigation is mainly about knowing and avoiding unnecessary risks. This includes an assessment of possible risks to personal/family health and to personal property.

Reducing Risks at Home

Preparing Your Office for an Earthquake

Simulated 5.5 Earthquake

Being Prepared

Personal preparedness focuses on preparing equipment and procedures for use when a disaster occurs (e.g. getting a disaster supply kit).

Emergency Preparedness

American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Personal Evacuation and Plans

Recovering From an Emergency

Recovery includes actions taken to return to a normal or an even safer situation following an emergency (e.g. getting financial assistance to help pay for the repairs).

Safety in the After Disaster Environment

Applying For Federal Help

Low-Interest Disaster Loans